How Bonding Can Straighten Your Smile

There are a number of ways that Dr. Cox and the Cox Family Dentistry team can straighten, widen, and lengthen your smile. One of the most popular ways to align and brighten your smile is dental bonding. This cosmetic procedure can be done in just one appointment at Cox Family Dentistry in Plano, Texas. Keep reading for more information on how dental bonding is performed and if you may be a good candidate.

What is Dental Bonding?

Typically, dental bonding is used when a patient wants to cosmetically alter the shape of their teeth. For example, someone may get dental bonding if there is a large gap between two teeth, one tooth is shorter than the others, or the teeth are not straight. Cosmetic dental bonding uses a material called composite resin, which is also used in tooth-colored fillings.  To alter the size and shape of a tooth, Dr. Cox will place this clay-like material on the tooth and mold it to the desired shape. Then, he will take a light and heat fix the clay to the toot, making it a solid tooth-like material. Since the composite resin adheres as the same color as the tooth, no one will notice the difference between your natural tooth and the cosmetic dental bonding.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, and crowns, may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and multiple appointments. However, a cometic dental bonding procedure can cost much less, only take one appointment, and is less invasive. For example, if you are looking to straighten your smile, dental bonding can fill in gaps between your teeth so your smile appears straight rather than months of straightening through Invisalign. Likewise, if you have a broken tooth, instead of covering it with a dental crown through a longer procedure, you can fill-in the gap with dental bonding.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Is Dental Bonding Right For Me? 

It could be! The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for dental bonding is through a consultation appointment with Dr. Cox and the Cox Family Dentistry team in Plano. Just like all procedures, there are limitation and cons to dental bonding. If dental bonding is right for you, the Cox Family Dentistry team will reserve an appointment for you to enhance your beautiful smile with dental bonding. To learn more about cosmetic dental bonding or to schedule a consultation appointment, today call our Plano Cox Family Dentistry office.

Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

A bright, beautiful smile can give you confidence in your everyday life to your professional life. There are a number of reasons why Dr. Cox may recommend teeth whitening. From drinking coffee to eating brightly colored fruits, yellow tooth staining is hard to avoid. The good news? At Cox Family Dentistry we can help you remove common tooth stains through teeth whitening to help you get your beautiful, bright smile back.

Common Reasons Teeth Yellow

Your tooth is made of three main layers. The outside layer is called the enamel. This is the hardest surface in your body and protects the delicate inner layers of your tooth. The enamel is typically a white color. The next layer is called the dentin. Softer than the enamel, the dentin is a yellowish color. When the enamel breaks down from sugars and bacterias in your food, it lowly begins to expose the yellow color of the dentin. To resolve this type of discoloration, Dr. Cox and the Cox Family Dentistry team recommends repairing the strength of your enamel. One way to do this is through Flouride. This is a natural element that works to fill in and strengthen your natural enamel. Flouride also is in As your enamel gets stronger, your tooth will become whiter and brighter.


Teeth Whitening


Over-the-Counter or In-Office Teeth Whitening

Many patients are unsure if they can get the same results from over-the-counter teeth whitening as in-office whitening. Unfortunately, no. Yes, over-the-counter teeth whitening does work, but it is not as effective as in-office whitening. When you whiten at Cox Family Dentistry, Dr. Cox and our team design a custom fit whitening tray to reach every mountain and valley in your smile. Over-the-counter products are one size fits all and do not evenly whiten your smile. Another advantage to in-office whitening is that Dr. Cox uses strong, prescription whitening products. With these products, you can see a more dramatic result, quicker. Lastly, you can also whiten your smile at home with Dr. Cox’s custom made and prescription strength materials.

A beautiful white smile is just around the corner. For more information about teeth whitening from Dr. Cox and his team or to schedule an appointment, call Cox Family Dentistry in Plano, Texas, today!

Professional Whitening – What Are My Options?

Summer is here! Brighten your summer photos with professional whitening in Plano, Texas. At Cox Family Dentistry, we offer a number of whitening options. If you want to lighten one or multiple shades, we can help you. Get the smile you want this summer!

Can I Use Whitening From The Grocery Store?

A celebrity style, white smile requires professional whitening. It is possible to use over-the-counter whitening products to brighten your smile, but they may not achieve the look you want. Why? As compared to over-the-counter products, whitening from Dr. Cox in Plano, Texas has prescription strength whitening gel and custom trays. Whether you use in-office or at-home whitening, the Cox Family Dentistry team will give you a strong whitening gel. Further, over the counter products do not fit perfectly to your smile. Each tooth has ridges and crevasse where food and bacteria can get stuck. Over time, the food and bacteria can turn parts of your teeth yellow. In order to remove these yellow stains, you need a whitening tray custom-fit to your mouth. Our custom trays forms to each tooth, pressing the whitening gel up against the tooth, turning the yellow stains white.

Professional Whitening

Who Can Get Whitening?

The simple answer is anyone! However, that answer comes with a large caveat. You must have good oral health to get teeth whitening. Why? Underlying dental concerns can worsen during teeth whitening treatment. The chemicals in teeth whitening gel, especially perception teeth whitening products, can irritate cavities or gum disease. Not only will it cause damage, whitening with poor oral health which can be uncomfortable and even painful. Before any whitening treatment, even over-the-counter whitening, get a thorough oral health exam from Dr. Cox at Cox Family Dentistry in Plano, Texas. If you have any underlying dental concerns, Dr. Cox will address these before your pursuing teeth whitening.

Other Factors That Discolor Teeth

The most common reason teeth develop yellow stains is from consuming everyday foods and drinks. This cause can be corrected with teeth whitening. However, if you have a cavity or an internal stain below the enamel, teeth whitening may not help resolve this dental concern. Visiting Dr. Cox before any teeth whitening treatment can help you identify the source of the discoloration.

At Cox Family Dentistry, our team works hard to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Visit our office to learn more about teeth whitening and how you can better your oral health.