Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are crowns used to replace one or more missing teeth, by spanning the space where the teeth are missing. Gaps left by missing teeth will eventually cause the remaining teeth to rotate or shift into these spaces, resulting in an “off” bite and eventually, periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Bridges allow us to use the natural teeth or implant surrounding the gap as anchors to replace the missing tooth and restore your appearance and function. A dental bridge is a non-removable dental appliance used to replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth). Bridges are used to fill in gaps between teeth and restore functionality to the bite. Please call us to schedule an appointment if you are interested in receiving a bridge treatment.

Bridges are either permanently attached (fixed bridges), or they can be removable. Fixed bridges are applied by either placing crowns on the abutment teeth or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. Removable bridges are attached to the teeth with metal clasps or by precision attachments.

Why do I need a dental bridge?

Oral functionality and appearance are important reasons for wearing a bridge. A bridge helps support your lips and cheeks. The loss of a back tooth may cause your mouth to sink and your face to look older.

Dental health is the most important reason for a bridge. Teeth were designed to complement each other. Unusual stresses are placed on the gums and other oral tissues when teeth are missing, causing a number of potentially harmful disorders.

Increased risk of gum disease has proven to be one of the worst side effects of missing teeth and can be minimized with a bridge.

If you are looking to get a dental bridge in Plano, Texas – look no further than Cox Family Dentistry! We are here to help you with your bridge needs.